[Net2 Adelaide] HootUp with HootSuite

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Adelaide HootupIn May, NetSquared Adelade will be joining a number of other local communities to learn about social media management tool, HootSuite.

Adelaide's a great city, full of interesting people and communities. More often than not, if you're at one meetup, you'll find one or two other people there you may have met at another. There's a sense that the city itself is really just one big group of familiar faces getting together at different times to chat about different things.

This month, Net2ADL is getting together with the Yelp Adelaide community, #socadl (social media Adelaide) community and local HootSuite users to learn more about the popular tool. 

The "HootUp" (as the HootSuite meetups are called) will feature four panelists from four different sectors (arts/nonprofit, tourism, education and hospitality) who all use social media and HootSuite to engage their audiences. We're really looking forward to hearing the differences, similarities, success and challenges that each of these organisations have when it comes to online communications and social media.

But wait, there's more. As I mentioned, Adelaide's full of other groups and events championing social good, technology and positive change. Here are a few other events that we've been sharing with the NetSquared community:

1 May - Collaborate to Innovate: The C2I team started last year to bring together people who were interested in how we can work better together and support each other in our roles. It's become a hub of entrepreneurs and start-ups to network and learn together. 

4 May - TEDxAdelaide - If you love TED, you'll love this. The team behind the TEDxAdelaide events are powerhouses. They work hard to bring the most interesting people together to speak and they do a really good job of reflecting what's happening locally. 

26 May - Trampoline Day Adelaide - If you're passionate about something and want to share it with others, this un-conference style event will give you the chance. The first Trampoline event in Adelaide.

If you're ever down our way, come past and say hi to the NetSquared Adelaide crew!