Net Squared - Kampala 2016

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It’s a journey since we began our Net squared Meet ups in 2014; it started off as a small seed with little experience in hosting tech events and now the seed as budded into a seedling.

Through 2015 until now, we are seeing a swift to a more Tech Savvy community through the different events we host training them how to use technology to improve advocacy and fundraising for now profits and also create platforms for Small Media Enterprises (SMEs), Startups to build markets, pitch and network with potential clients.

At first we had no idea on how to host Tech events but with the different Training Handouts and resources shared through the Netsquared Network we’ve enable to host several events and training. With this we’ve also been able to build some networks both local and international. Through the Netsquared network we’ve been able to connect and celebrate the international Open data day in partnership with the open knowledge foundation for both 2015 and 2016.

This year we hope to engage more community members especially more charity organizations and train them on best technology practices. We look forward to connecting with other Tech Networks and Associations to share about the Netsquared activities and how they can be part of this growing community.

Catherine Alwenyi Cassidy
Netsquared Kampala