Net Squared Honolulu camp on food security the start of a great project

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Something amazing happens when you get a group of dedicated people together around a some good Vietnamese food, in a groovy space like The Box Jelly to work on a project. Once the challenge is on the table, there is a creative spark that settles in and jumps from person to person. Our challenge is to work with three local nonprofits through our NetSquared group. Togehter they have a mandate to increase food security to the Kapuna (elders) in Oahu. Specifically the work is to increase recruitment and retention of meals on wheels drivers for both Lanakila Pacific and Hawaii Meals on Wheels. AARP Hawaii chapter is a local grant parnter and a leader in the effort.

For Honolulu we are taking a small group, sustained approach to the camps. So starting last night and over the next two months, rather than meet theater style we are focusing on groups or pairs who can help these ngos in spcific ways with just a few hours of investment.

Our kickoff was a success. Though our rampant creativity sometimes led to a complete redesign of the way these organizations do business, the group of about 13 was attentive to the task at hand. "How can we use social media, and personal outreach to recruit 30 or more new drivers by the end of the year?"  We came up with several ideas (trees) that will be coordinated with an overall strategy (forest) to coincide with traditional media outreach and special events.

We agreed to pursue both the forest and the trees at the same time. So while AARP is working on overall strategy, which is already envisioned as facebook in combination with ads and radio spots, Netsquared members are doing a few things to prep. One member attended a ride along the next day, getting a first hand experience of what it means to be a Meals on Wheels driver. He is preparing some easy testimonials that could be shared through social networking. Others have volunteered to create short videos of the process, highlighting the importance of bringing value and connection along with the food to our elders.

We also outlined a couple of ideas on how to engage using Facebook Post Cards (a term coined by Darren Barefoot in his presentation from Net Squared Vancouver that we had watched as a group a few hours before... ). One member quickly added the image above and we have plans to do a "what my friends think i do" image to dispell some of the myths of what it means to be a driver, similar to the one below.

There are some basic best practices that both organizations could use in their meta tags and seo for their sites. Our newest transplant to Honolulu agreed to meet with the orgs to help with that.

Finally, we are planning to leverage a group of college students via one of our meetup members who are doing service-learning projects to help spread the word. One group member suggested we offer a social media training specifically for the students and have them use this as their test campaign.  I think it's a great idea. Keep your eyes open at the meetup group. Or come help lead the training if you want to polish your public speaking and training skills.


We are meeting again next week, and will plan the outreach portion for next month. At the very least we were able to use great food, new company and a creative work space to break out of traditional thinking and help refresh these dedicated people who work with these orgs day-to-day with some new directions and lively input. So hopefully if you live in Honolulu, you will start to see or hear the reverberations of our campaign and maybe even join a route!