My Experience in organizing NetSquared Camps/Events since 2009

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Hi folks,

NetSquared CameroonIt’s an honor for me to be chosen by Eli to share my experience in the organization of Netsquared events since 2009 including Net Tuesdays, Camps and other Regional Events.

In a few lines, I will be talking about the following aspects:

  • The mind setting
  • The team
  • The Strategy


1) The mind setting

The first pillar anyone hoping to organize such events should put in place is the required mind setting and the ability to pass it on to the crew

  • Make sure you design your event to fit your context
  • People are always ready to help provided you ask rightly
  • It is easier to get support from below than from above
  • Get the burning desire to make the event and not wait for the event to make you
  • If everyone quits for one reason or the other, never mind it is part of the show.
  • There are always nice people around to accompany you, what makes the difference is both your approach and desire to get it happen
  • Net2 head office at times is very busy doing other good things. Don’t be distracted if they fail to reply your emails in time.
  • Your activities should not be conditioned to the arrival of the stipend from Tech Soup Global. The stipend serves as one of the process catalyst and not the raw material

2) The team

  • The best team you can ever dream of is one that has the driving force you need
  • Human beings will always want to identify themselves with success; therefore, to engage your team members, they must see success in your eyes
  • Egoistic individuals will always find a reason to quit before time so always remember  that:  winners don’t quit and those who quit will never win
  • Capitalize from the strengths of your team members and not their weaknesses


3) The strategy

The strategy you put in place will determine the results you get. Netsquared Events are ICT orientated and as such, priority should be given to those with a great need and not just a “Techie show” I am thinking of:

  • Unemployed youths,    
  • Academicians
  • Journalists
  • Activists
  • Researchers etc.

Communication play a major role in driving audience to your event especially TV slots, Handbills and posters.

The Speakers:

Participants prefer speakers from different countries and with varied social and academic profiles. I understand it is always difficult to bring speakers from abroad; this could be sorted out by introducing remote presentations using Skype. At this point, you will be demonstrating the power of the ICT in solving social problems. If you are keen enough, you will see the WOW! factor on faces of the participants

Trans-media communication and education

In one of our events, we projected a video interview of the CEO of Techsoup Global done by Marc Manashil. This video was so interesting and gave the legitimacy to the event. I could read this from the speech made by the then Nigeria Consul to Douala-Cameroon who was so reluctant to participate from the beginning.


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