#Musoma: Cloud Storage and Online Data Storage for Nonprofits

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NetSquared Lake Zone we conducted a training of online cloud storage at Musoma district in Afrilux hotel. The training was based on Online data storage which participated by Head teacher from four Wards, which are Bugwema, mugando Kasuguti Nyakatende and one ward education officer.

Reason for taken this carder, all headteacher have the smartphones and computer which are provided by government for purpose of daily reporting student attendance. 

Topic covered

·         Refresher training (awareness of devices)

·         Data capture

·         Data sync 

·         Data storage

·         Accessibility of data

·         Data security


The most common questions

·         data security  

·         availability apps and  internet access

Main challenge

·         time limit

·         slow learner 

The training went well, with more productive. They have requested to add more section on this topic because the course is very huge, it’s not possible to understanding all parts and be competent in 2hrs - 4hrs.


Facilitator names

1.       Stanslaus Kitena

2.       Ambakisye Jonas

3.       Sayi Beyu