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Well, in the true tradition of early stage START-UP, we haven't had a moment to reach out and TOUCH you, our fellow amazing organizations and organizers. However, given the blessing of an extended voting date, we thought we'd take this time to let you know who we are , what we're up to, and why you should vote for us! The Second Road is a place for people in all stages of recovery from ADDICTIONS to find community, soul mates, support, and opportunities for change—opportunities for people from all backgrounds to help one another with a ‘hand up' not a hand out.
      We're basing our tools and services on ‘evidence-based' treatment models as well as tons of ideas and feedback from recovering folks and family members. An example of our cool innovative components consists of a FLASH-BASED posting board where people can share secrets and pain and sorrow and accountability as well as hopes and inspiration and plans with others, either anonymously or not.
      People new to recovery, either starting from scratch to build a life or to rebuild a life ‘that once was' need all the encouragement, support, and suggestions from experience they can get. Our site offers this whenever, HOWEVER, from all corners of the globe.

      Our special focus will be adolescents, since we hear they have the hardest time relating to traditional treatment methods, and now that its been proven that addiction can actually be CREATED in a young brain (check out HBO's ADDICTION Series) and that the earlier we can stop a user from abusing substances, the more likely we can keep that person from becoming a 'FULL BLOWN' addict.
      Another area of focus will be the FAMILY member or friend searching for answers to questions about dealing with the addict, especially adolescents.
      Lastly, we will be one of the only sites with information, support and encouragement for those who have recently RELAPSED and feel ashamed and hopeless, because these are often the most VULNERABLE to giving up the fight, and may also be the individuals with the most to share with the community—the greatest compassion as well as insight into how to avoid relapsing.

    We encourage you to take a look at some of the folks we have INTERVIEWED on our home page,

  We hope that our site helps someone you LOVE stay clean and sober a mother, father, sister, brother, best friend, husband,   cousin,   uncle,   grandmother,.............................................

Best to all and thank you for doing such amazing and all of you, the Road Crew.