Community Site for Nonprofit Leaders

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Check out CoreWeb Inc,'s recently launched community site:

-Read our Research: Want to know how your organization stacks up?  Scroll through our easily navigable 100+ reviews of other nonprofits’ online community-building strategies! Get a sense for how other nonprofits are engaging their supporters and how effective their strategy is.  We answer questions such as how active are organizations’ social media accounts?  What “booster” activities are available on their sites?  Click through screenshots, customized graphs or head straight to the overall ratings at the end of each organization’s review for a comprehensive overview of your peers.

-Take Action with our community-building Strategies.  Peruse our weekly tips or discover best in class and leading strategies of fellow organizations.  Learn from these best practices and apply a few of the tangible suggestions to your own community-building efforts (both online and on-the-ground)!

-Share your thoughts, participate in dynamic conversations or respond to other nonprofit leaders at Community Voices, an open space to engage with, connect to and learn from your peers! What initiatives is your organization working on?  Who are you following on Twitter?  What are you reading?  What latest social media ROI tool has proven useful?  What would you like to know about other organizations’ strategies?