Use Twitter at the Conference to Organize and Meet with Other Attendees

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Twitter is a great tool for a number of niche tasks. But it only works and makes sense once you have a certain critical mass of followers and friends.

It's good for getting informative updates from people you know and respect.   It's good for asking for quick help or information from your Twitterers.   It's even good for asking for support and online voting help.   So I've got a way for some people to make use of it and learn its ins and outs.

But it's really great for telling people where you are for last-minute meetups and open invitations.   Which makes it useful in a conference setting.

So if you don't have a Twitter account, get one now. Then you can post a comment here so people can follow you.   Start off by following our Your Mapper members who will be at the conference:

Michael Schnuerle, Founder:

Ben Peskoe, Development Manager:

Ted Ko, Project Lead:

As the conference approaches and during the conference itself, you can reference it with the keyword #n2y3.  

Now, for the adventurous or advanced Twitter users, I've also created a Group Tweet that allows you to send direct messages to everyone who is part of the group!   The group is called n2y3 and all you have to do is follow it:

Then, if you want to send a message to everyone who is following it, just use a Direct Twitter Message and everyone will get it:

D n2y3 Put your important, non-spammy message here! Like for where you are so people can meet up with you if they'd like.

Enjoy (and hopefully it stays online during the conference... in fact it's down right now)!

And Jennie F or anyone else at NetSquared, just let me know if you'd like to take over the management of the n2y3 Twitter user and I'll tell you the password; I'm not going to post anything to it, it's just for Group Tweet use.