Meet the NetSquared Platform

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We have been talking and blogging about it for a long while. We have been really interested in your inputs, hints, and feedbacks. And we will continue to be, as the platform will continue to grow and change. However, it is official -- you can read about it on the Internet, and you even meet “her”: the NetSquared Platform has officially been born.

As every child, the platform has much potential -- part of which not been discovered yet. However, the frame is already there. The platform is much more multimedia than our previous site, it encourages a lot more interactions, and is much more projects-centric than it was. It is more of a new realm within which we hope to operate than just a site. We hope for it to become a new way of looking at the world of social tech.

Nobody is perfect, especially as a child. There are still many issues to solve, and bugs to fix. Do not hesitate to give us a shout whenever you spot anything going/working wrong. We will be happy to work on it as soon as possible. In the end, a platform like this can only work and create value if we are on it -- if we are on it together. The first step has been made -- it is not a moon, but it can be equally exciting, I bet.


Oh, and a huge congrats to the technical team and Laney Strange for working on all this. If this child has a parent, it is definitely her!