I'm Going to Help Make Connections and Blog About It

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Hello, everyone! My name is Marshall Kirkpatrick and this is a little introduction to me and the work I'll be doing for Net Squared in the next few months. I've been brought on board to act as a connector between different members of the community that could be of assistance to each others' work and to blog about the kinds of work people are doing around the world.

I'll be writing and posting some multi-media about the good news and the bad in the movement to make emerging technology a powerful part of the non-profit world.

A little about me: I live in Eugene, Oregon and I'm 29 years old. I do what I call Web 2.0 consulting for non-profits and small businesses. Web 2.0 is a big, ambiguous concept but I explain it as the next generation of the internet made up of dynamic, user-generated content that can be utilized and manipulated in a wide variety of ways. I think it's made possible by the spread of broadband connectivity, cheap data storage and new technologies like blogging, RSS and podcasting. I like to help social justice oriented organizations use these new tools for research and communication. If you want to read more about me personally, my bio is on the team page. My web site is at Marshallk.com. I'm super excited to participate in this project!