What makes something NetSquared?

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So, we have these case studies up. And the volunteers are adding to them all the time. But we haven't really talked about what the selection process is. What makes a Net2 project?

Let me tell you what I think we know about Net2 projects:

  • they are working to advance social change;
  • they use the Internet;
  • the tools are social in nature;
  • there is something about them that makes them interesting.


Right, so it's that last bullet point that's tough. One of those "I know it when I see it" things. What makes something interesting?

I think it can interesting because the tool is being used in a new or unfamiliar way, because the outcomes are surprising, or because...

What do you think? What makes a project Net2? Feel free to drop a comment here or write a post on your blog -- just add the technorati tag why+net2 so we'll find it.

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