A simple to do list

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I've playing with Ta-da lists.  It's a very simply way to share a to do list.  You put items on and check them off. You can make it available to individuals or on the web (the way I did in my example).

Remember the Milk (how's that for a clever name) is another shareable, web-based task manager.  It's more sophisticated -- you can set dates and priorities.  It gives you categories for your items.  More than just a simple list. 

So why have I playing with these?  I'm looking for a tool that can allow me to implant a to do list on a page like this one.

Imagine if one of those two tools gave me the ability to cut-and-paste a little chunk of code into my website and that code displayed the to do list at my own URL instead of theirs.

What good?  It would give me some nice, easy functionality to my site.  I could use it to:

  • let volunteers core team members know about upcoming activities
  • let my board know what I'm working on
  • let my stakeholders know what I'll be working on next

Anything else?  Do you all think these tools can be valuable for communication or are they just little gizmos that add some glitz and not much more?