Getting those lists onto a website

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A while back I wrote about Remember the Milk and Ta-da lists and lamented the fact that there wasn't an easy way to get the content onto a website.  Of course, because they don't offer it, it doesn't mean that it can't be done.

Stowe Boyd points out  that you both products produce RSS feeds.  Those feeds can be run through a service, like FeedDigest. The result?  A bit of javascript that you can place onto your website.  Why is that nice?  It means you can track a list and use the functionality of the services (easy to add items, sharing and -- in the case of Remember the Milk -- an ability to add a due date and other levels of information to the item and the list) but have that list appear on a website.  An easy way to show what you are working on in your organization.  It seems like this could be especially nice when working on a project with volunteers.

Sure, it would be nice if all the feature was in one application.  But this shows how you can stitch together a couple of services to end up with something that meets a working needs and can be shared in a variety of ways.