Gaining traction

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I've been working head down for so long that I've forgotten to pull up and look around.  My aggregator's groaning with the weight of items I want to share via the net2 tag. I'll tell the truth: I've been head down because I've been suffering from a little doubt.

We started this with, well, if you've been around for a while you remember the first version of this site. And in the labs here, we've been working hard to make our vision real -- a community coming together to share knowledge, build solutions and connect with one another.  As I look around, it feels like it's starting to happen.

First the outside stuff:

And inside the site?  You can see from the logos being added to the front page that companies are finding this compelling, valuable and necessary and giving us support so that we can move forward.  195 of you have found this site valuable enough to sign on as users and, just by sharing your profile, contribute to the effort.

There's still more to do, sure, but these moments help us to see that it's possible.