Blogs and RSS are also about voice

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More sent in from WSIS, by Jody Mahoney:

Urls and websites of some of the CSO participants at WSIS have been blocked by the Tunisian government. The Swiss President was censored on Tunisian television. I travel each day through multiple armed checkpoints & roadblocks in order to get from my hotel to the Kram expo. We go through security screening everywhere.

I am seeing the use of blogs and RSS aggregators in a very different light from my understanding of their use in the US. In the US, I considered them tools for networking and information exchange/dialogue. In Tunis, however, one begins to understand the compelling argument for free and open source information exchange--the more blogs, RSS aggregators, community radios, and open source tools, the greater chance there is for information to slip through the ranks of censors and out to the public. As Shirin Ebadi, 2003 Nobel Peace Laureate said yesterday, "...human rights defenders--the writers, translators, are imprisoned--their only crime freedom of expression."