And the 21 Featured Projects Are . . .

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Drumroll please . . .

150+ of you submitted nominations and 3,000+ of you voted Wow! After a very long night spent checking, double checking and triple checking for any irregularities (we will post a summary of our voting validation process shortly), here is an alphabetical list of the 21 Featured Projects (we had a tie between #20 and #21) as chosen by the Net2 community vote and calculated by our online ballot system:

1. 100 Innovators - the world's most important story has started to unfold

2. A Global Neighbour Network:

3. A Light on Money and Politics:

4. Addressing Africa's Problems Through Social Networking Sites

5. An Anti-Genocide Community: Building the Political Will to End Genocide

6. Aspiration Social Source Commons

7. Big Brothers Big Sisters Agency Information Management (AIM) System


9. Farmer 2 Farmer Learning


11. Global Women's Leadership Network

12. Toolbox

13. HELP International Telemedicine Humanitarian Emergency Mobile Medical Clinic Network

14. Kabissa 2.0: Strengthening the Social Web in Africa

15. Maps 2.0 Geospatial Tools for Nonprofits and Humanitarian Relief

16. Open Source, Open Standards Video

17. Social Web Tools for Developing Countries:

18. Stop Family Violence


20. WiserEarth

21. YouthAssets - Connecting the World's Most Vulnerable Youth

Congratulations to this year's NetSquared Featured Projects, and to all of you who contributed and participated. We are still blown away by the response, the quality of the projects and the range of great ideas.

We know some of you are going to be really happy. Others will be disappointed. We hope that most of you are glad to have been a part of this open, less-than-perfect process. No doubt you've got lots to say about it and we want to hear it.

Share your ideas and suggestions in the comments of this post:

The Featured Projects will be going on to the NetSquared Conference and have an opportunity to receive cash, tech and consulting resources, but we hope that the NetSquared Community at large will continue to support all of the nominated projects with suggestions, resources and advice.

Thanks for being a part of the process! We look forward to your continued involvement in the NetSquared Community.

The Net2 Team