March Update for NetSquared Organizers — New Meetup Registration Forms

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Big news from Meetup! They are updating the event registration form to include new fields, but this must be enabled manually.


Meetup RSVP Registration

Who attends our events? Meetup is adding extra fields to the registration process, including the fields "Organization/Company" and "Role". At Last!! Here's what it looks like:

Meetup RSVP form


This data about our members will be very helpful as you build your community — but you need to turn the fields on in the "Optional settings" section when creating your event. Look for the "RSVP registration" choice.

RSVP_registration settings

NOTE: these fields can't be edited yet, but I have shared this feedback with Meetup.


Suggested Event Topics

Groups with monthly events attract more members. Here's our suggested topics:


Upcoming Webinars

APRIL: Use Meetup Like a PRO

New to the platform? Looking for tips to help your community grow faster? In this community call we'll show you how to become an expert meetup administrator.

RSVP: 9:00 AM PT. Wednesday, April 15. (find your local time)

MAY: Office Hours

This is your time to ask the NetSquared Community Manager (Eli) your questions.

  • Need help with your meetup?
  • Have questions about the future of NetSquared?
  • Want to learn how other leaders are managing their group?

RSVP: 9:00 AM PT. Wednesday, May 13. (find your local time)


I'm Here to Help

Needs some advice? You can email me, schedule me for a chat, or ask your fellow organizers for tips in our Facebook or Slack groups.