March Net2 Think Tank: Cloud Computing

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We invite you to share the best ways to use the cloud to run nonprofits, libraries, and social enterprises. Cloud computing is the term for the services and applications we use over the internet. It's been a hot topic for some time, and today many of it's promises are coming true. For many organizations, cloud computing is a great way to save money and reduce on software and hardware needs, and it is usually much greener than traditional boxed software.

So, how is your organization using the cloud, and why? Share your best practices with the NetSquared Community as part of this month's Net2 Think Tank!


How are you using cloud-based services? Which parts of your IT have you moved to the cloud? And if you haven't, why not?

Deadline:  Saturday, March 19th

How to contribute:

  • Post your response online: Leave a comment below, write on your own blog or website, post on the NetSquared Community Blog, or share your feedback on Facebook or Linkedin.
  • Tag your post, comment, or tweet with net2thinktank.
  • Email Claire Sale the link to your post.
  • Have you written about this topic in the past? Great! Simply add the net2thinktank tag to your post and email us the link.

Be sure to get your submission in by emailing Claire the link to your post by Saturday, March 19th. 

The roundup of contributions will be posted on the NetSquared blog on Monday, March 21st.

About Net2 Think Tank:

Net2 Think Tank is a monthly blogging/social networking event open to anyone and is a great way to participate in an exchange of ideas.  We post a question or topic to the NetSquared community and participants submit responses either on their own blogs, the NetSquared Community Blog, or using social media.  Tag your post with "net2thinktank" and email a link to us to be included. At the end of the month, the entries get pulled together in the Net2 Think Tank Round-Up.