What is a Community Evangelist?

Marc Manashil's picture

When introducing myself as the new Community Evangelist for NetSquared, many have responded by saying “cool title, sounds fun, but what exactly does that mean?” My mother-in-law jokingly asked if I was now a man of the cloth!

Simply put, I’m here to be an advocate for the NetSquared community. My job is to listen, to understand your needs and to inform our team’s response in delivering relevant programs and services that help you leverage technology for good.

As Billy mentioned in his intro, my work as Community Evangelist encompasses both offline and online activities. Offline, I will support the growing network of Net2 Local groups worldwide, ensuring that each takes maximum advantage of the incredible tools and resources that NetSquared and TechSoup Global have to offer. I'll also help catalyze new trainings, challenges and opportunities for collaboration that enable our members to maximize their impact.

In terms of online activities, I’ll be a regular contributor to this blog, connecting the world of technology with the world of philanthropy, highlighting innovations in the field and calling attention to the incredible contributions that Net2 members make to the social benefit sector. I look forward to getting to know you as part of this process and hearing what you have to say. What are your hopes for the future of NetSquared? What are the key issues that I should address as I get started? Let’s stay in touch here and on Twitter @MarcManashil.