Meet Anna Kuliberda, Global Community Builder

Marc Manashil's picture

I am very excited to introduce Anna Kuliberda to the NetSquared community!

As our new Global Community Builder based in Warsaw, Anna will inform and implement the design and management of our programmatic activities across the Central and Eastern Europe region and beyond. Specifically, Anna will focus on growing participation and connections by implementing a social media strategy, supporting offline events, facilitating workshops and managing the launch and development of web-based challenges.  

Anna’s professional life has always been connected with NGOs. She has been engaged in many grassroots initiatives, both as a volunteer and employee. In one of her first roles, Anna served as European Voluntary Service Coordinator at Semper Avanti Association in Wrocław. From there, Anna moved to Warsaw where she worked for the Association of Leaders of Local Civic Groups. It was her personal involvement in the Net Tuesday Local group that inspired her interest in technology and the work of NetSquared.

Anna has been involved in a variety of civil society initiatives and organizations that advocate for better access to public information and participation in public life for all citizens. She is especially interested in open public data and gov 2.0. She was co-creator of an e-learning course for watchdogs and has offered many workshops in rural communities about advocacy and access to public information.

Anna is originally from a small city in southwest Poland called Legnica. She remains closely connected to her home town, even though she has lived in Warsaw for three years now. Her favorite personal interest is traveling. She says it combines three of the things she likes most -- history, new places and the promise of an adventure! In her free time, she loves to watch movies, go dancing and read good funny books.

Anna, welcome aboard. We are really excited to be working with you!