Help Shape the Future of NetSquared This October

Marc Manashil's picture

We’re writing to share some exciting news about our plans to spend the month of October surveying the community so we can better understand your needs. The aim is to re-evaluate our strategy and goals for the NetSquared program moving forward.

You may have noticed that there’s been a lot of exciting change happening at NetSquared HQ. We have new additions to the team including Marc Manashil, Anna Kuliberda, Trenton DuVal, Bari Samad and Vanessa Rhinesmith. The community has also expanded significantly, with new Local groups emerging in just about every corner of the world.

Yet despite these positive developments, there’s a lot more we need to learn about the state of the network and how it can be strengthened. We cannot assume that what we’ve done in the past is what we should be doing today. And although we’ve heard from some of you informally, we feel the time is right to survey the NetSquared community in a much more comprehensive way.

Although listening to community feedback is an ongoing activity that we should never stop, this “month of listening” will provide us a focused opportunity to step back and make sure that what we’re doing is optimally aligned with your needs. To create the time and space for this assessment, we will be pausing certain regular activities such as Net2 Think Tank and Net2 News, though you will continue to hear regularly from our contributors on the blog.

On October 10th, we will send out a comprehensive survey to members of the NetSquared community. The survey will help us objectively assess what you value most about Net2 and what could be improved. Please keep a lookout for the survey and take a few minutes to complete and submit it. We’ll be sure to share the survey and the results with you here on the blog.

We’d also love to get your feedback throughout this process, so please let us know what you think here, on Twitter @MarcManashil and @ClaireSale, or by writing a blog post of your own to reflect publicly on the survey questions. We’re very excited about this project and its implications for NetSquared and look forward to keeping you posted as we progress.

The NetSquared Team