Make Real Social Impact with the FACT Challenge

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FACT Challenge logoAre you interested in making an impact, locally or globally? Participating in the FACT Social Justice Challenge will help you do just that! Project teams, local communities, and volunteer organizers have proven in the past that NetSquared Challenges help surface innovations and find ways to put new applications to use.  Learn more about you can get involved and make a difference below.

Share, submit and support - participate in the FACT Challenge!

NetSquared Project gets Local in Philadelphia

The N2Y4 Mobile Challenge called for innovative mobile applications supporting social good. There were many excellent ideas and the top 15 Featured Projects were selected through a Community Vote. Those Featured Projects came together May 26-27, 2009 in San Jose, CA, at the N2Y4 Conference to pitch their ideas, find collaborators, and get valuable feedback. Many volunteer organizers from the NetSquared Local network convened at the N2Y4 Conference to build relationships and expand their knowledge and resources for local community building. Organizers and Project teams shared a space and many collaborated in person and long after the event.

One Project team, SeeClickFix, impressed the NetSquared Local organizers from Philadelphia; starting a chain reaction for good! The organizers showcased the Project at their next Local event, with a representative of the Clean Air Council in attendence. She was looking for a tool that could support the IdleFreePhilly campaign, and SeeClickFix was a fit!

Read the full story in the words of those involved.

Make Real Impact

There are many ways to get involved whether you are a technologist, innovator, changemaker, or passionate tinkerer; whether you work in a nonprofit organization, government agency, foundation or forprofit compnay. Project submissions are invited from anywhere in the world, on any issue that tackles social justice.  (Get the full details here.)

  • SHARE: Let your friends, colleagues, and networks know about this opportunity to profile ideas and find collaborators. Use the sharing options at the bottom of this post to easily spread the word!
  • SUBMIT: Submissions are open until October 4th. Submit your Project today!
  • SUPPORT: Even if you don’t have a Project to submit, your feedback and comments will help other Projects improve. Share your ideas by visiting the Project Gallery and selecting "FACT Challenge" in the sort!

About the FACT Challenge

Our Challenge theme this year is “Collaborate for Social Justice." We chose this theme because beneath all the new platforms, widgets, tools, social media, and innovative products lies the potential for people to collaborate in new ways with one another.

The FACT Challenge seeks to surface innovative Projects that leverage web and/or mobile technologies to foster collaboration around social justice issues.


Follow these easy steps to submit a Project in the FACT Challenge:

  1. Register (to prove you’re not a robot) – it just takes a minute. NOTE: You will receive a confirmation email and need to confirm your registration in order to proceed.
  2. Log In to the site
  3. Click on “Create & Manage your Project” at the top of the screen 
  4. Select "FACT Social Justice Challenge" in the Active Challenges field
  5. Complete the Project Submission form with your details
  6. You have a few options for saving your Project. You can save and continue working, or publish the Project. Note that only "Publish" will make your Project visible in the Project Gallery. You can continue to edit your Project after publishing it as well. 

You can continue to edit and update your Project throughout the submission period (August 23-October 4) based on feedback from the community or other developments.


Visit the FACT Challenge pages below for more information: