Bit of Background

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Before I begin writing about my experiences volunteering in Sri Lanka, I thought I would give a little background to my involvement with these projects. 

Since volunteering in 2005, in Sri Lanka, I have been planning my return trip. So with University out of the way, I got back in touch the society I volunteered with for 6 months. They were happy to hear that I was interested in coming back to teach English and volunteer at the orphanages. I slowly learnt that there enthusiasm for my return was partly because they had not received as much volunteer help for the past few years and in the past 8 months they have had no one come to continue previous volunteers work. 

After learning this I set myself the task of recruiting other likeminded people to volunteer with me and in the future. I have given talks about the different projects at Manchester University, promoted on the internet. Combined with some valuable word of mouth a team of 6 people has formed to come out in May to help re-set up the projects and also investigate new projects that have since requested volunteer help. We are also pleased to have recruited a team of psychology students coming out in July to continue our work in the orphanages. 

Background over, I am finally back in Sri Lanka after 5 years, so please check out this blog for how the projects are developing and my volunteering experiences.

For more info about the projects and how to get involved please email me