How to Use FriendFeed to Keep Up on Nonprofits' Use of Social Media

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Twitter may be all the rage, but I find it unintuitive and therefore have not heavily adopted it.

With FriendFeed, however, I can keep up on the "tweets" of folks involved in the nonprofit tech/social media space, and get so much more to boot.

Friendfeed now has the ability to create "Lists" of the people you follow. You can also place a FriendFeed "room" inside a list. I have a list called Nonprofiteers and it includes luminaries such as Beth Kanter, Amy Sample Ward, Jonathan Colman, Marnie Webb, Laura Whitehead, Leslie Poston, Reed Stockman, and Steve Bridger. In that list I also include the nptech room, the nonprofits and web 2.0 room (not so active lately), and the nonprofit room.

Why is this so much better than twitter? Well, I get to see the titles of these people's blog posts, their delicious or StumbleUpon links, and any other "feeds" they have chosen to include on FriendFeed. I can click through to their blog post, or "Like" it based on the title and go back and check my "Likes" later when I have more time to read. Plus, some of them participate in conversations unique to FriendFeed that are not duplicated anywhere else.

Another great thing I can do when I have time is peruse the members of the nptech room to find out more about who is doing what in the nonprofit/social media sector. Each person's "feed" typically includes at least their blog and their bookmark service, which can lead to a wealth of information on pertinent topics.

If you are interested in nonprofit's use of technology in any way, shape, or form, give FriendFeed a try. And if this post was a little too jargony and has you scratching your head, post a question here and I will walk you through the FriendFeed experience.

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