Can charities monitise virals for fundraising?

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We all know charities are finding it harder to raise funds in the current economic downturn and traditional methods aren't working.

ActionAid has come up with a viral in an attempt to find a new way to raise funds and engage with a new audience. They have tried to create a virtualisation of the warm fuzzy feeling donating to charity should give. Donate £2 to ActionAid and get a personalised video thank you complete with cute kids, Barack Obama and your own town.  

I'm volunteering at ActionAid this week trying to raise awareness of the viral (part of ActionAid's PoverTee Day on June 26th) and get people's feedback.

This is ActionAid's first go at a fundraising viral. Do you think it works? Does it strike the right note? Can charities successfully tap into the digital space? Can you monitise a viral for a good cause?