101 Blog Tips I Should Have Learned

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I've been reading Daniel Scocco's Daily Blog Tips blog, and I found a very very nice article about 101 Blog Tips you should know whenever you are blogging.

So I've made my own list today to share with.   :)

1.     Start to blog today, not tomorrow
2.     Choose a nice search volume niche
3.     Have some extra money for the hosting and domain
4.     Go for nice domain name, should be short but sweet :)
5.     Use Hostgator
6.     Use a self-hosted Wordpress platform (of course!)
7.   Plugins, Plugins and More Plugins!
8.     Other's say you should post at least once or twice a day.. but I think   4-8  should be enough in a week
9.     Be Consistent
10. Learn to Interact with other Bloggers
11. Make a lot of Friends
12. Tweet your Posts
13. Bookmark your Posts, especially in Digg and other "do-follow" bookmarking sites
14. Add 125×125 ads in the right sidebar (most pro bloggers have it)
15. Add a Recent Articles on your Layout
16. Customize Your Wordpress Theme to the Fullest
17. Tweak your site to load faster as much as possible
18. Make sure the readers/visitors could navigate EASILY
19. If you are not sure what color is a good color for your target market, it has been found that blue converts well, and is easier on the eyes than other colors. If you are unsure, go with a blue theme.
20. Pick a Wordpress theme that is search engine optimized and search engine friendly
21. Submit your RSS Feeds to RSS Directories
21. Make a Sitemap and submit it to Google
22. Submit to Link/Web Directories
23. Make/Build Linkwheels
24. Spread RSS icons
25. Encourage your visitors to subscribe
26. Press Release
27. Blog Commenting
28. Forum Posting
29. Add links to your signatures
30. Use anchor texts with your main keyword when leaving a link
31. Write an "About Me" page
32. Place a Picture of Yourself
33. Make an "Archive" page
34. Always reply to comments
35. Be friendly :)
36. Make sure you have a BONUS item/product for your readers (like free eBooks, etc..)
37. Blog Comment on DO FOLLOW BLOGS
38. Install Statpress Reloaded
39. Learn to Monetize your blog by experimenting with text, image and link ads.
40. Use images to express your contents/articles
41. Make it appear "Natural"
42. Make Podcasts
43. Make Permalinks get structured well
44. Read All the Blogs in the 1st page of "Make Money Blogging" in Google
45. You must know the SEO Basics
46. Don't read and learn too much, or you might get "info overload"
47. Learn
48. Practice
49. Apply
50. Be Aggressive and Not Aggressive in some ways
51. Proofread before Publishing
52. Ping your site and posts
53. Learn to adjust
54. "Patience is Virtue"
55. but, "Time is Gold" :)
56. Use your REAL name
57. Content could always be the "King", but;
58. Learn to Maximize your Market as well

59. Be sure to have a "CONTACT" page
60. Share opinions
61. Consider yourself as a reader and read your article before publishing
62. Make sure to have Backups for your Blog
63. Share your resources
64. Use All sorts of Social Media to market your Blog
65. Be sure to have a Search Bar in a good location on your Blog
66. Don't make an Autoblog
67. Don't SCRAPE content from others
68. Be Funny
69. Be Cheerful in your Posts
70. Join Webmaster Forums
71. Break long articles
72. Use reader friendly FONTS
73. Use StumbleUpon
74. Coordinate with other Bloggers if possible
75. Encourage readers to leave comments (like commentluv)
76. Have Trackbacks
77. Have a Navigation for the Categories
78. Try to use effective Titles for your Posts
79. Interact well with your readers
80. Don't forget to add tags
81. Use Platinum SEO Pack Plugin
82. Organize your time for everything
83. You would want a topic that is closer to home, so to speak. You'd want a topic that you're very familiar with to write contents through.
84. Write contents about products, talk about why you are so fanatic
about them, it's features, the things that make you want to use them and or the services and problems they can be used as a solution.
85. Write an article in EzineArticles and link it to your Blog.
86. Talking about experience is a sure way to improve on both your
reader's image, and your professional image.
87. You won't realize substantial profit within a week from a niche
site's publication.   It always takes time and traffic before you are
able to gain good income from one website and niche.
88. Though your Blog will eventually earn for you some passive
income, you'll have to make some adjustments throughout its
89. Content should be worth reading. If your content is junk,
your visitors will just leave your website as quickly as they have
90. Be Simple
91. Avoid wrong grammars (which most of my readers have pinpointed)
92. Love your Blog :)
93. Footer links could be a navigation tool, not just a remark for something
94. Have an Email Subscription for your readers
95. Learn the Basics of Blogging
96. Blogrolls could be optional :)
97. Avoid any plugins, images, scripts or any elements that could make your site load slower. (IMO, Wibiya does slow a bit but I love this tool :) )
98. Install Related Posts Plugin
99. Be like you know everything in your Niche (level: expert mode)
100. Sleep Well :)
101. Create a "101 list" like Daniel said. :)

-Learn all the basics to make money blogging.