Liberating 990 Data, NTEN Workbook, Open Data Economy, Long Data #DataDigest

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This week's data digest features discussions around arguments for making US nonprofit Form 990 data, open data, a workbook to help nonprofits create data driven strategies as well as some insight on open data business models. Also discussed is the importance of 'long data' while Bill Gates highlights the need for better impact measurement to solve global problems.

Nonprofit Data
Introducing a New NTEN Workbook: Getting Started With Data-Driven Decision Making
NTEN has produced a workbook to help nonprofit leaders think about and better plan more effective data strategies. The workbook also includes worksheets to help with processes like choosing and refining initial metrics and defining data collection.

Liberating 990 Data
In this Cairns blog post the argument for making US nonprofits IRS Form 990 data available as open data is made. As the role of nonprofits becomes even greater they must be not only more transparent, but also more open with data to help increase the sector’s effectiveness. Costly conversion of IRS images of 990 data, a replicated process is seen as unnecessary, and what is lost from selling nonprofit data can possibly be recuperated through providing new tools and analytic services.

Data and Impact Measurement
Bill Gates: My Plan to Fix The World's Biggest Problems
In this New York Times post Bill Gates reflects on the importance of data, measurement and feedback loops in helping solve global problems and achieving the Millennium Development goals. He gives examples of how this has already been done.

Open data
Open data economy: Eight business models for open data and insight from Deloitte UK
This O’Reilly post by Alex Howard features ways that government data is helping to increase economic activity and includes views on Deloitte’s Open growth: Stimulating demand for open data in the UK publication. It also highlights 8 business models for open data that have emerged.

Big Data
Stop Hyping Big Data and Start Paying Attention to ‘Long Data’
As big data continues to be generated and used for insight, this Wired Magazine article by Samuel Arbesman talks about the importance of also building better tools and developing skillsets needed to analyse and utilise “long data”. This requires moving beyond a moment in time by gathering much older historical data that can help put big data into context and enable more informed futuristic planning.

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