iSummit 2007 - Dubrovnik

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In the Open Education Track many open source projects are being presented: OER Commons, Free High School Science Textbooks, WikiEducator, One Laptop per Child and others.


- Towards an Open Future for Education. In the session participants in the open education track to gather together and explore vision and perspectives on our open education future, and to compare goals for our time together.

- Propagating the Meme: Sharing Practices to Scale Open Education. In the session we have explored practical ways to identify and spread processes and tactics that will help bring the open educational content movement to scale.

- Open Education Project Clinic. In the session we have explored ways to enable open education projects to scale up and solicit input from people working on peer production, sharing and open creativity and other domains.

- Collaborating on Open Education. Participants in the session have been invited to develop a vision for improved collaboration amongst people working on open educational materials, with discussion of how best to build on the work of others.

Another key topic is the local initiatives are related to global cooperation and if they are according to needs. Thanks again to Gunner from, to allow us to enjoy our sessions and to make many contacts. I expect enthusiastically the next year, I find that we can show many cases that it would begin here.

Cultura Libre has a open source project, in lay terms, we want to be an open platform to make it easy to reach the lowest-income markets using mobile as an input device and a sales channel for companies and organizations serving the bottom of the pyramid. Our inspiration is the notable story of Grameen Phone, a billion-dollar phone company in Bangladesh built to serve the communication needs of that country's millions of low-income residents, and its synergy with Grameen Bank, the world's first microfinance institution founded by Nobel Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus.