Let's hold a digital storytelling event!

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TechSoup is holding our annual Digital Storytelling Challenge (TSDigs) this April and I think it would be really cool if our global network came together to hold events that teach local nonprofits how to use digital tools to tell their stories and advance their mission. Wanna join in? Email eli@techsoupglobal.org to discuss how you can become a NetSquared local organizer and become a host.

Digital Storytelling

What we're asking

We invite you to create a meetup around the theme of "Digital Storytelling."

Here are some examples of event formats which you could use or remix:

  • Webinar screenings
  • Storytelling panel
  • Livestreamed conversation hosted by Net Tuesday Vancouver
  • Hands-on workshop teaching digital storytelling skills

Toronto's Net Tuesday recently held a fabulous digital storytelling event that could serve as a model. Check out their blog post for their videos, slides and suggested readings.

What we are offering

We want to help make these events easy and fun. We'll be able to offer the following support:

  • Pre-recorded webinars that you can show at your event
  • A live digital storytelling panel hosted by Net Tuesday Vancouver on April 2, 6:00 PM PT. You can livestream this and your members can participate in the Q&A.
  • Conversation guides for panels and groups
  • Activity recipes (ie. How to host a video storytelling booth or a social media surgery)
  • Help recruiting local panelists

In addition, any photo sets or 1 minute videos produced by your participants can be entered into the challenge and will be eligible for prizes. More information will be posted soon on the Digital Storytelling page.

Sounds interesting? Email me at eli@techsoupglobal.org and we can arrange a support package tailored to your needs and check out our Digital Storytelling event guide.

What is this Digital Storytelling Challenge?

The TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge (TSDigs) is an annual campaign, open to local and international participants and groups, combining instruction and friendly competition into a hands-on media making project. Designed for first time and amateur storytellers, the project provides organizations the training, resources and inspiration to create and tell their story through video and digital pictures. This year, we’re very excited to include an “emerging media” submission category for organizations incorporating games, mobile tech, apps, infographics, or data to tell their stories.

During this one month challenge, we host a series of live webinars and interactive events, and highlight content and tools to help nonprofits produce a one minute video or 5 picture slideshow, telling their own story. Organizations submit their entry and now have marketing collateral to keep as a vital resource for promoting their work and connecting to their constituents.

To learn more check out tsdigs.org.

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