Introduction: Lela Prashad - Community Impact Through Mapping

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Hi everyone, I'm Lela and I am co-executive director of - Community Impact Through Mapping and an organizer of the Phoenix Netsquared group. I'm thrilled to be attending and I'm particularly excited to meet with the other mapping groups participating. If anyone has time for a mapping sidebar (maybe at the bar) let me know.

At NiJeL, we are working with groups around the world and here in the US to develop web and paper-based maps to fundraise, advocate, understand community problems, and document results to diverse audiences. We are committed to open source mapping techniques and we also train organizations and help them conduct participatory mapping.

Thanks very much to Britt Bravo and Fresh White for wrangling the organizers and arranging things for us! I'm looking forward to meeting you all!


lprashad at nijel dot org