The Last NetSquared Event of 2019

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November is a big month for nonprofits — it's their last moment to prepare before the year-end fundraising push. So I recommend that NetSquared organizers schedule their next event before #GivingTuesday (on December 3 this year) which allows them to take advantage of the buzz, making event promotion easier!

Need help? Use the Giving Tuesday event recipe.

2020 Planning

My most popular event in Vancouver last year was Digital Marketing and Technology Trends for Nonprofits. I use this "grab bag" event every January to start the year. The format features a series of presenters, each given up to 10 minutes to present on a trend. This is a high-energy topic that's perfect for opening a year of meetups.

Not sure where to find presenters? Ask your co-organizers and past presenters to share a trend. Get our sample event description and guide.

But why start with just one event when you could plan the whole year? I challenge you to set a date and topic for the next 12 months — put this into your calendar (or better yet, your meetup). This will give you a map to guide your programming for the rest of 2020.

Plus, by posting my topics early I often have presenters volunteer to speak once they realize a month don't have a speaker yet.

Join the Tea,

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