Update from the NetSquared team

NetSquared's picture

It's been a great week over here for the NetSquared team.

We're working with Duoh on refining our logo/identity and are excited about our upcoming website launch in mid-November.

We've also added a new section to our site called NetSquared in Action, which highlights various nonprofit projects that harness new technology as a powerful platform for action. As we continue to add groundbreaking projects, we encourage you to add more projects to this collection.

Finally, TechSoup will host informal F2F gatherings in the Bay Area on the second Tuesday of each month. Please come join us on Tuesday, November 8th, from 6-8 pm at Varnish Art Gallery & Wine Bar for DJs, drinks, and demos for NPOs and technologists interested in remixing the web for social change. Let us know you're coming via upcoming.org -- and spread the word!