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The following message came to us via email:

I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but I've read that website essay a couple of times now and I still don't know what Net2 "is". I hear that it is ...

the beginnings of a very large project to encourage and support collaboration among and between nonprofit organizations and non-governmental agencies that are doing crucial work that otherwise wouldn't get done

... but then I get no vision at all what that means, actually and physically in the real world. You say this interesting thing about "community plumbing" way way below that sentence, and that's intriguing so I click to the site and get a bunch of technical gobbledegook, and it doesn't say "community plumbing" anywhere. And I have no idea what "grab a hammer and dive in" means in this context.

Did I miss something? If this is just me being thick-headed, please forgive me. I want to be helpful. But based on this piece of exposition, I do not know what this project is or what it's trying to do, other than encourage collaboration. Laudable, but kind of mom and apple pie-ish without more specificity. Anyhow, I'll shut up now.