The Next NetSquared Platform Update: Baking the Beta

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Since we shared our last update about platform development effort, we’ve been head-down writing code and designing the interface---all in preparation for a beta that we expect to roll-out quietly in just a few weeks. Today, I’m writing to share a brief status update, and asking you all to share initial questions, reactions, or anything that comes to mind.


This next-gen NetSquared platform focuses on providing an easy way to surface, organize and accelerate social-change projects around the globe.  Our project-centric approach to the platform has been inspired by more than 5 years of community-driven programming, including annual conferences, web-based challenges, NetSquared Local events, and ongoing input from this whole amazing community 

The What

There’s too much to tell you in a single post, so for now, I’m going to focus just on one of my favorite objectives, which in a few words is this: Harnessing the global and the local.

As you know, NetSquared is a global community and is a global site. Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen the passion of 81 Local groups manifest itself in face-to-face monthly meetings around the globe. We’re thrilled to see local communities focus on the issues that matter to them (and in the language that’s relevant to them).

But we’ve grappled with a big question: How do we translate the local relevance and global breadth of these innovators into web-based platform?

Really, we want the best of both worlds: vibrant local activities rendered in a way that people around the world can better understand and contribute.  By design, we’ve designed this platform as a global site with a uniquely local focus. We’ll have local versions of the platform in various local languages with local content that is most relevant to the right people. 

The How

Locally, users can create projects and blog posts in their own language---and other local folks will see and understand it. Globally, you can translate and share your own content to help give the centralized platform a bird’s-eye view of everything from around the world.

We hope to marry the global reach of networks with the flexibility that provides local administrators and users with the power to address relevant issues and features that allow local communities of practice to blossom---just like and NetSquared Local groups. It’s quite a legacy to live up to, but I’m looking forward to trying!

The Beta

We’re getting ready to launch a quiet beta release, but if you promise not to tell anybody, you can be a part of it. Here’s how:



Please feel free to leave a comment on this page or email me directly with your questions. Thanks as always, and looking forward to continuing the conversation!