Net2 Digital Bites - May Issue Just Published

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Last month we embarked on an experiment called Net2 Digital Bites, a neo-newsletter monthly publication that packages and highlights visuals that tell the NetSquared story of social good. Digital Bites is all about capturing what we do, and why -- so we can share the story.

For the May edition, we set out to work the Bee Gees, the Titanic, and a felt microchip heart all into one publication that's still about NetSquared and social good. It wasn’t easy, but we think you’ll like this issue of Digital Bites.

Check it out -- and let us know what you think via comments here on the blog, or @netsquared.

Don’t want to be left out from the next edition?

We're looking for compelling images and videos to feature, especially those showing technology at work for social good. If they tell a good NetSquared story, even better. If you’ve got photos and video to share, drop us a line at and we'll get you set-up to submit.