Long Live Net2 Digital Bites

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It happened last fall. We stopped Net2 News in its tracks. After a good long run of sharing monthly updates, blog wrap-ups, and news from around the community in a traditional newsletter format, a new experiment is in order. We’re bubbling up a new concoction here at the Net2 labs, and over the next (3) months we’ll be trying something new -- Net2 Digital Bites.

Net2 News is Dead. Long live Net2 Digital Bites!

We’re putting aside the traditional format for a while, to make way for a new monthly publication that’s more visual than narrative. Compelling images and video from all around the NetSquared community, all packaged up to tell the story better than words ever could.


Flashy, Without Flash

 We’re using a platform called Jux for this experiment, and I’ve got to admit it’s pretty slick. Easy navigation, intuitive packaging... and it’s awful pretty. Slick and fun without using Flash, so it’s just as pretty on your phone and tablet as it is on the web.
But enough about the nerdy details. You want to see it, right? Check it out here: http://net2digitalbites.jux.com 
We’ll be conducting this little experiment for (3) months, and you can keep up with the new editions as we go by staying tuned here on the blog for updates, or subscribing to the email announcements.


Want to be featured in the new Digital Bites?  

We scour social media for Net2 images, videos, and stories constantly. It’s our favorite hobby. But if you’ve got something compelling and amazing to share, share it, and we’ll check it out for upcoming Digital Bites.
#net2digitalbites is the tag. Put your stuff on Flickr, Twitter, and Instagram, tag it, give us a head’s up, and we’ll take it from there.
What we’re looking for: High-res images and videos that capture:

  • Social benefit projects from around your community. What’s going on in your community at the intersection of technology and social change? Pictures and videos of the happenings and impact help tell the story.
  • Events you attend or organize. Who doesn’t love a wide-lens shot of an engaged audience and engaging speaker?
  • Your event venues and locales. Places and buildings are powerful.