6 ways, 100 days

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100 days from today, it will be August 3, 2012 -- a late summer Friday. The Summer Olympics will be well underway, TechSoup Global will be celebrating its 25th anniversary, and the NetSquared team will be wrapping up (6) projects we’ve committed to, posed to us as challenges by the Net2 Global Leadership Council.
During the GLC’s recent convening in San Francisco, we asked the GLC to challenge us -- what should the Net2 team commit to over the next 100 days? It was the perfect way to wrap-up 10+ days of working sessions, meetings, and ‘12NTC. After talking and planning, we turned up the heat -- what are we actually going to do?
Here were the criteria: Challenges had to be reportable, measureable, and achievable within 100 days. We went around the circle, including GLC members and NetSquared team members (we have to challenge ourselves, too) and committed to (6) challenges over the next (100) days.


Challenge Accepted

Here are the six 100-day challenges


  1. The Net2 Vision: Clarity and Purpose. What is NetSquared, you ask? We ask that too sometimes. For this challenge, we’ll build a clear and compelling vision statement GLC members and Net2 Local organizers and community members can use to focus and grow their local initiatives.
  2. Bubble Up: Make it easy to share local stories. Stories of impact are out there, just waiting to emerge from their Local group participants and communities, a key prioritized feature of the in-development Net2 Platform.
  3. Beyond the GLC: More Connections, Stronger Network. Provide space for the 40 other Net2 Local organizers to get to know one another, share tips, strategies, and tactics focused on strengthening the organizer network.
  4. Improve engagement, resource sharing and support among Net2 Local user-groupUltimately, Net2 Local participants are the end-users served by GLC members, Net2 Local organizers, and the CDI team. This challenge is concerned with increasing engagement among these users and local communities.
  5. Inside the Firewall: More Open Dialogue. There is a need for increased openness within the CDI team to ensure we are operating with transparency and clarity to best serve the GLC and Net2 communities. Lots of different ways to go about this; we’re thinking about a regular “amnesty hour” within the team (and Alicja wants to publish them).
  6. Plan of Action: Net2 Locals. We’ll package the knowledge and resources of the GLC to strengthen the entire Net2 Local network around the world.


Keep Us Honest

If you’re reading this, we’re accountable to you. Want to track what we’re doing and keep us honest? There are a couple of ways to help us keep ourselves honest over the next 100 days:

  • Follow along here on the blog -- we’re going to post 10 times in 100 days to make sure we’re regularly updating you about what we’re doing and what we have left.
  • Check out the lists. We’re building lists on Trello -- a new tool we’ll be trying out for this endeavor, suggested by GLC member Steven Flower -- for each of the (6) challenges, and we’ll keep them up-to-date too. Check out the list of lists, open to the public and awaiting your eyes and ears (though still pretty bare, for now. Figuring out stuff as we go, as always).

We’ll be figuring this stuff out as we go, but we’re committed to meeting every one of these challenges. Let us know any questions, comments, or feedback -- hit up #100net2.