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Make Room for the New

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Well, folks. Take a last, long look at Tomorrow, it will have an entirely new face. We’ve been working behind the scenes on a complete overhaul, and the new NetSquared platform goes live on August 1st.

Backstage, the platform has been coming along for the last few months, but no community site is developed in a silo. Many of you have reviewed and contributed to key ideas, concepts, and designs all the way along. The end result reflects the participation and enthusiasm of the NetSquared community all over the world, all through the lens of an online connections engine and network.

Net2 Digital Bites - May Issue Just Published

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Last month we embarked on an experiment called Net2 Digital Bites, a neo-newsletter monthly publication that packages and highlights visuals that tell the NetSquared story of social good. Digital Bites is all about capturing what we do, and why -- so we can share the story.

For the May edition, we set out to work the Bee Gees, the Titanic, and a felt microchip heart all into one publication that's still about NetSquared and social good. It wasn’t easy, but we think you’ll like this issue of Digital Bites.

Check it out -- and let us know what you think via comments here on the blog, or @netsquared.

Long Live Net2 Digital Bites

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It happened last fall. We stopped Net2 News in its tracks. After a good long run of sharing monthly updates, blog wrap-ups, and news from around the community in a traditional newsletter format, a new experiment is in order. We’re bubbling up a new concoction here at the Net2 labs, and over the next (3) months we’ll be trying something new -- Net2 Digital Bites.

Net2 News is Dead. Long live Net2 Digital Bites!

We’re putting aside the traditional format for a while, to make way for a new monthly publication that’s more visual than narrative. Compelling images and video from all around the NetSquared community, all packaged up to tell the story better than words ever could.


Net2Platform through the GLC

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When the GLC came to town, I had a specific purpose and deliberate angle to work. Simple and direct. They are users, and I’m a product manager. The transaction is clear and age-old: Tell me what you want, I’ll try to make it happen. Sure, I joined the group for some other sessions and some bike riding, but my full intention was to squeeze out all the input and feedback I could get.  But this community, as it has before, once again surprised me.


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