LA: Digital Inclusion Event Video and Slides

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I want to share with you two resources from last week’s Digital Inclusion Week event - Reducing Digital Disparities and Building Tech Inclusion event at the LA Public Library:

The event video is at: Please watch & share - lack of awareness is a huge challenge in narrowing the digital divide.

The presentation pdf on CA & LA digital landscapes. Thanks to USC’s Connected Cities and Inclusive Growth (CCIG) project at ARNIC, the Annenberg Research Network on International Communication.

A a few really quick takeaways:

  • Internet penetration varies significantly across CA communities – from 60% to 98.5% – and many of the worst are in LA. The least connected community in California is in South LA with 60% internet penetration. 
  • High-speed internet service must be defined as a utility not a “luxury”. This is #1 priority, says Diana Rodriguez of Youth Policy Istitute.
  • California’s definition of unserved broadband customers is a meager 6 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up.
  • Some of the most innovative digital inclusion initiatives are happening on a city level:  Chattanooga’s publicly owned Internet service has helped boost its economy and bridge the digital divide.


Hope to see you Wed June 13 at Hollywood & Highland for a networking evening!

Karen, Anne-Marie and Zimar