Widget Fundraising Experiment: Come On Over to Katya Andresen's Blog

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Leng Sopharath 

I'm the guest blogger over at Katya Andresen's Getting to the Point Blog Nonprofit Marketing Blog this week. I'm talking about a real life personal fundraising campaign for the Sharing Foundation using the chipin widget.  I'm looking for feedback, suggestions, and advice on how to do this!   

This is uncharted territory.  Think of me as one of your organization’s supporters who has grabbed your organization’s fundraising widget and set it up on my blog.  What advice would you give to your supporters so they are successful in a group fundraising campaign. What do I need to think about? What is the checklist?  What should I try doing?  What internal issues does this bring up for you?

What a deal!  I’ll make all the mistakes, potentially look stupid, and we’ll reap the benefits of learning together!  And, if we're successful, we'll be sponsoring Leng Sopharath's education!

So go over the Katya's blog for the full context and thank you!