What happens when Britt Bravo goes on vacation?

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Netsquared's Community Manager and tireless blogger Britt Bravo left today for a well earned vacation and I've been invited to be a guest blogger in her place while she is enjoying herself off line. I'm glad she isn't live blogging her vacation!

Vacations are important for the simple fact that taking a break from your daily routine lets you relax and recharge your battery. You can return to work more energetic, inspired, and motivated. Studies have found that many Americans are vacation-deprived despite the well-documented benefits of R&R.

Bloggers struggle with how to handle vacation time. And, as a result, some don't take time off the grid thinking blogging from the beach is better than letting the blog go silent for a week or two? What is behind that question is a concern whether or not a vacation will have a negative impact on site traffic. (Or maybe it is something about addiction ..)

So, if you write a blog, what do you when you want to go on holiday? Darren Rowse, of ProBlogger, has some advice in "7 Things to Do with your Blog when you take a Vacation." The full article has the pros and cons for each option.

1. Give your readers a vacation
2. Advance Posts
3. Retrospective Series
4. Guest Blogger(s)
5. Guest Posts/Series
6. Blog from the Road
7. Open Mike Post

Do you blog? Have you taken a vacation? What did you do?