Okay, I tagged everything with n2y2, but how and where do I find everyone's tagged items?

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All the tagged items are being caught in the n2y2 Yahoo Pipe and are being automatically published to the NetSquared web site here.   But, wait, you don't have to keep visiting the NetSquared Web site to get the latest updates -- that's why RSS was invented.

If you are not using RSS or have no idea what that means,   check out "RSS In Plain English" a video for the people who could save time using RSS, but don't know where to start.  

So, here's how to find and subscribe to the n2y2 feed.   Go to this page and you will find n2y2 feed by clicking on that cute little orange button:


You can add the feed to the n2y2 Yahoo Pipe to your RSS Reader.

If you want some additional tips and how-to advice about choosing and using an RSS Reader, here are a few good resources:

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Alexandra Samuel: 10 Steps to RSStocracy
Marshall Kirkpatrick: Teaching RSS

23 Steps: Make Life Simple With RSS
23 Steps: Finding and Subscribing to Feeds

A few RSS Readers:
Bloglines (10 Steps to Using Bloglines and YouTube Video Showing how to Add Feeds)

Know of a good resource to share with others on NetSquared? Drop the url in the comments.