NpTechTag Summary: Year-end Roundups, Resolutions, and Predictions (Someone is keeping score!)

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It's been a very quiet week in the NpTech Tag Stream, giving us a little quiet time for reflection on year-end posts as well as scan for the "best of" resources, predictions, and resolutions for 2007. 

If you thinking of getting your crystal ball out and making few predictions for the nonprofit tech field, beware, Jason is keeping score.  Hint: If you want score higher, ditch any fear of failure and don't hedge your bets!

NpTech Tag Chatter

Here is an interesting approach to New Year's resolutions -- wiki style! TechSoup has started a wiki for Technology Resolutions for 2007 - be sure to add yours, although a few nptech bloggers have shared their resolutions here and here while a few others have given us some wonderfully reflective posts here and here.  As more nptech bloggers come back from their holidays, we might see a few more over the weekend.

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to find a new job in the nonprofit tech field, than check out Deborah Finn's FAQ about the Nonprofit Tech Jobs list.  Speaking of new jobs, congrats to Ed Batista on his new job!

The nonprofit marketing blog shares some statistics on last minute giving here.

If you are pulling together plans for 2007, check out this Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants Roundup of Planning for 2007 advice.

Marshall Kirkpatrick is lucky enough to get a review of copy of AMD laptop loaded up with Microsoft Vista, but he doesn't want to keep it anyway.

There is a proposal for a grants microformat (hGrant) floating around.

The 5 things meme makes it to the nptech tech space in full force.

After almost 11 months of quiet, Jillaine Smith takes some time during the holidays to blog some ideas about Network-Centric Leadership.

Ruby is ranting about John Edwards and lets us know that Scoble is on the campaign trail, while Michael Hoffman explains it as the decline of mainstream media.

Newsweek declares 2007 as the year of the widget and ChipIn is up for a Widget of the Year award.   The nonprofittech blog has a few posts on new and current players in the nonprofit fundraising widget market - kintera, getactive, and firstgiving. Laura Quinn from Idealware suggests the widget hype is justified, while the Nonprofittechblog points out some security issues and offers some advice to widget builders.  ChipIn responds.

The Roundup of NpTech Best of 2006 Roundups

Laura Quinn from Idealware shares the ten most popular reports over at Idealware.  (My particular favorite is the third on the list, "Getting Started with Blogging Software:  Seven Blogging Tools Reviewed."

Emily's World gives up a fairly comprehensive list of nonprofit technology links related to social media here.

Where Most Needed gives us the most important Charity Stories of 2006

The Nonprofit Tech Carnival at Year's End round up on N-TEN.

Britt Bravo has some great roundup posts on the Netsquared blog.  Two of my favorites are:  Best Internet Marketing for a Cause 2006 and Is Blogging A Good Way to Raise Money?

Identity Woman points to a post over at Mashable about the best of social networks broken down by different categories.

Zen and the Art of Technology offers up some end of year links.

"Best of NpTech" Tagged in the Tag Stream ...

In response to the call to tag the Best of the Best, we found some excellent bookmarks tagged with NpTech and Yearend on delicious.

I also started to review all the NpTech Tag Summaries I've written this year (here), but I decided to use an somewhat more objective measure to pick out tagged items that might represent the "Best of." 

This list below represents tagged during 2006 with the nptech tag and bookmarked into delicious that and were designated as "popular."  Note that popular does not necessarily mean items that were tagged by the most users with a particular tag.  It shows a list of items recently tagged by the most users.

The Organizer's Tool Crib saved by 45 people 15 recently

TechSoup saved by 434 people 14 recently

Idealware saved by 125 people 13 recently

NetSquared: A project of TechSoup saved by 426 people 11 recently

DotOrganize saved by 15 people 8 recently

How to Use the Internet for Group Fundraising saved by 32 people 8 people recently

What do small nonprofits need to know about fundraising for technology
saved by 70 people 7 people recently

Social Source Commons saved by 36 people 7 recently

Zen and the art of Nonprofit Technology saved by 28 people 7 recently

Google Co-op and Nonprofit Technology saved by 8 poeple 6 recently

Nonprofit Blog Exchange Blog saved by 74 people 6 recently

Save the World - Communications Strategy saved by 36 people 6 recently

Web 2.0 in Nonprofits: Best Practices Wiki saved by 14 people 6 recently

Social Source Commons saved by 26 people 6 recently

Have a happy and healthy New Year!  And why not add this to your technology new year's resolutions - use the nptech tag!