NpTechTag Summary: NpTechTag Puzzles

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Creative Commons Freedoms License Generator a screen shot placed in flickr

NpTechTag Puzzles

If you're been puzzled (I have)  by how to best use the creative commons licensing for protecting or setting your content free, Creative Commons has just launched a new tool to make it easier.

Continuing on with the puzzle theme.  Sometimes I find items in the NpTechTag I can't explain.  Maybe you can.  If so, write down on the back of a twenty dollar bill and ... or maybe just leave a comment.

This is the first instance of an IRC chat logged that has come through the NpTech Tag Stream.  Where is this conversation explained?

A very cryptic post about user interfaces of tommorrow: Will Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep? Please explain!

Tis the Season

Lots of creative fundraising ideas this season.  You can play Santa for a family impacted by Hurricane Katrina,  Adopt a Real Sheep or a virtual yak.

Don't like any of these ideas?  Fundraise for your own cause. Katya's non-profit marketeing blog announces that Network for Good launches Charity Badges which make it easy for you to do just that.

And, don't forget, retail philthanthropy.  Givezilla, a vendor that enables nonprofits to raise money through online shopping.

Adaptive Technology and the $100 Laptop

There is a competitor to the One Laptop per Child initiative launched by the MIT Media Lab's Nicholas Negroponte (see some recent photos here).  It's a Canadian company producing a laptop called ink.  Read about it here. Meanwhile, Microsoft is attempting to stuff Windows onto the One Laptop Per Child.

I read some place that Web2.0 means spending more time online.  No wonder  my RSI/Carpal Tunnel flaring up lately.  I was happy to discover a link to the Adaptive Technology for Information and Computing at MIT RSI page.


NpowerNY and Squidoo teamed up for a free one-pager for nonprofits on Web2.0 tools called org2.0.  Reactions here, here, and here.  

How to listen in on all the conversations about you and Digg Beginner's Guide includes some useful how-to tips related to some of the above advice.

Videocasting and Podcasting

A two part blog post comparing video hosts (part 1 and part 2)

A rant about podcasting from the Agitator that reminds of a Pew Internet Research report estimating that podcast listeners represent 12% of the Internet audience.  I wonder how much of that audience represents those interested in nonprofit content?

Second Life

The Alzheimer Society of Ontario is putting together a photo exhibition in Second Life. More information here.

A post that points to a Nature article about a series of experiments, comparing real-world human behavior with behavior in a virtual environment.

Rik Riel reports on two awareness raising campaigns in Second Life.  One on the plight of homeless teens and the Global Poverty Death Counter.

Social Networking and Tagging

Heather Carpenter is tagging for nonprofit operations! How does it connect to this idea?

Dave Pollard has posted his presentation from the Online Information Conference it is called "A Whirlwind Tour of Social Networking." Lots of really stuff here.

Tools and Tips

Let's get geeky. 

Sign up for one of NTEN's "Ask An Expert"  sessions.

Here's a round up of eight mashup tools and the case for Open-ID (nonprofit viewpoint here)

Open Space Technology (OST) has been cropping up everywhere, most notably as Unconferences  and Mashup Camps.

The blog announces free online apps for nonprofits called the Grassroots Toolbox. 

Groove Virtual Office for Humanitarian Aid Organizations also turns up in the NpTech Tag stream.

The nonprofittechhelp blog likes Swivel

From the i collaborate, e-collaborate, we collaborate blog comes a good round up and reflections on using online conferencing for distributed international groups.