NpTechTag Summary: NpTech Events, Twitters, and Green Web Hosting

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Net2 Houston, August
Photo by Eschipul

Nonprofits in Second Life Gala Opening
Photo by RubyJi

By looking at the photos tagged with NpTech, nonprofit techies were either on vacation or attending events. Two nptech events were visible in the NpTech tag stream, the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life Launch Party and the Net2 meetup in Houston. Maybe next week we'll see photos from BarCampBlock?

Twitter and Facebook, but with Skype Out, Email Rules

A few nptech bloggers are experimenting with Twitter and seeing some of the benefits. Holly Ross, after her 21-day experiment, now says she's an addict and others are trying to like twitter. All part of the Twitter cycle of adoption!

Laura White wonders whether "Twitter and Facebook, will they change the way we connect and communicate?

TechSoup publishes Soha El-Borno excellent post "Promote Your Cause on Facebook in Six Easy Steps" and do check out her interview with Carie Lewis from the Human Society about their work on Facebook. Carie is a recognized nonprofit and social networking guru who was written up in the Chronicle of Philathantropy Blog for her organization's efforts on MySpace in June.

Ed Schipul wonders whether Facebook mobile and text integration will make Twitter redundant?

Non-Profit Tech Blog lets us know that project agape (Facebook causes) now at 2.5 million users.

At first NpTechers sort of enjoyed the recent skype outtage saying there were far less distractions and for others a reminder that email still rules.

NpTech Blogging, Tagging, and Wikis

An excellent presentation on social media and nonprofits by Jocelyn Harmon and Qui Diaz is being discussed by Dave B. and Katya A. It went right into the SlideShare NpTech Group!

You must read this post about blogging and low-cost nonprofit professional development.

The Nonprofit Blog Exchange celebrates its second year anniversary and reflects on activities to date.

Peter Dietz is promoting the use of "sa-topten" tag in to track personal fundraising campaigns.

Speaking of personal fundraising campaign, check out the "luck of seven" - an open source journey around the world documenting free culture, social innovators, and global change from noel hildalgo, a new york city-based activist, organizer, blogger, and barcamper. He did a video interview with Dirk Slater, too!

Check out the nonprofitmanagement wiki!

Global NpTech: African Civil Society to Colombia

Saidia.Org Blog is gathering stories about Web2.0 and African civil society for Web2 for Dev

Nancy White is doing workshops in Colombia. Follow her trail here.

And, next week, nonprofits and bloggers in Southeast Asia and Cambodia will be gathering for the Cambodia Bloggers Summit.

Arts NpTech

The Goat at Large shouts about Open Source CMS for arts organizations from the Center for Arts Management and Technology.

Speaking of CAMT, there's post on their blog about a giveaway by Members Only Software.

Rik Riel writes about the first professional orchestra to perform in Second Life.

Nonprofit Tech Software + Mobile Phones = Citizen reporting?

Why is Peter Gulka drinking the Saleforce koolaid?

Maybe it's the IPhone/SalesForce app that Steve Anderson created?

What could that lead to? Mobile citizen reporting?

And a friendly reminder to recycle your old mobile phone if you happened to pick up a Iphone and think about green web host!

Fundraising and Philanthropy

There was lots of praise about Amy Luckey of Blueprint Research and Design's recent article called "Grantmaking 2.0: Using New Technology to Enhance Grantmaker Practices" Lots of links to examples of foundation's using Web2.0 tools.

Lots of buzz on listservs and twitter about the MacArthur Foundation's $2 Million New Digital Media and Learning Competition.

An article on the NPTimes that offers some good advice about online fundraising using circus metaphors via link from AFP Blog.

Check out this presentation "Cultivating Your Constituents Online" that was sent into the NpTech Group on Slideshare.