NpTechTag MetaFeed: 2007 Version 1 -- Feed Fixed, Tag Broken?

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Allan Benamer gave a shout that the NpTech Meta Feed was broken. 

The NpTech Meta Feed has been revised and move to here:

I've asked Marshall to put a forward on the old feed.

But is it fixed?

Gavin's Digital Diner gave us a thoughtful post about the pros/cons of taxonomy versus folksonomy, and the quality (or lack of) in user-generated content.  A brilliant reflection worth reading! It's here.

Gavin raises some good questions worth considering.

  1. What the hell is the "NPTech" tag and how would one use it anyway?
  2. What purpose do folksonomies serve? How are they different from taxonomies?
  3. What's good or useful about user-generated content and what's just entertaining or cute.

Some links that might give some context:

Gavin points us to the "Beneath the Metadata – Some philosophical problems with Folksonomy." article published in D-Lib in November by Elaine Peterson.  While Gavin doesn't point to it, I think it is worth reading David Weinberger's response.

Laura Quinn wrote a rant a while back on this topic back in October.

The NpTech tag early discussions can be found here:

About a year ago, Jilliane Smith wrote a great post about the Tagging and the usefulness of the nptech tag over at netsquared:

More recently, Allan Benamer made some good points about how the use of a Google CSE might be the best approach:

Do you have an opinion? How do you use the NpTech Tag?  Is it useful?