NpTech Tag Summary: NOSI Salon Remix, Charity Nerds, and Birthday Email Messaging!

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Photos by Pearlbear from Nosi Salon 12/11/06 at SF Nonprofit Technology Center.

I thought there was something fishy with the NPTech Tag Stream this week.  It seemed kind of light.  Was holiday laziness setting in?  Nope, according to Marshall, there was some sort of bug with API and it wasn't updating items tagged with particular tags like the NPTECH tag.  

I discovered a workaround and still plenty of tagged items coming in via other sources.

Reminder: tag your "best of" items for next week's summary which might be  two-parter if there are lots and lots of good stuff.  Don't forget about including a brief annotation if you're sending it into delicious or other socialbookmarking service.


Always love it when folks share photos in flickr from their gatherings, meetings, and conferences.   Michelle Murrain kindly uploaded a flickr set of photos from the NOSI Salon that took place last week at the SF Nonprofit Technology Center.   I used a little tool that plays with the flickr API, allowing an image search to find remixable photos and integrates an image editor so you can edit to taste and save as a new image! 


First-of-its-kind has a write up about GiveMeaning

Tactical Philanthropy points us to Charity Nerds

Community-Powered Activism

NTEN newsletter has a series of articles on Community Powered Activism.  My favorite quote, "its the conversation, stupid."

A nice interview with Bertie Bosredon, Head of New Media at Breast Cancer Care in the UK on incorporating social media tools.  Interview from Steve Bridger, nfp2.0 blog.

Social Networking Dramas and A How-To for the Myspace for Adults

A compelling example of myspace suicide intervention, screenshoting (discussion of screencaptures), and the community conversation in flickr here

Are you my friend?  Yes or not?  Friendship helps people write community into being in social network sites. This question is a key component of social network sites and the topic of this research paper by Danah Boyd, Social Networking expert.

LinkedIntelligence, is a whole blog devoted to the LinkedIn, Myspace for grownups.  Jury is still out for a number of nonprofit workers whether this service holds any value or not.  What do you think?

As the Virtual World Turns

Hype vs Anti-Hype vs Anti-Anti-Hype, What makes Second Life powerful and Talking With Young People, Not At Them from NTEN offer the other view to the Clay Shirky's Valleywag post.  Nonprofit techies echo Shirky's views here, here, and here, although they don't point to other Second Life naysayers including Danah Boyd's post or Ethan Zuckerman's post.  Is Second Life or Web2.0 for that matter just following Gartner's theory of technology hype cycles or has it jumped the shark?

Social Media

This post about Oaxaca's Conflict in Online Media shares a collection of online media about the conflict in Oaxaca and is an example of how contextually related media items can be well served by being displayed together.

Stop Genocide Now has sent two citizen's journalists back to the Chad/Darfur border for 14 consecutive days of reports starting Dec 21, 2006.  They will file text, video, and photographic reports.  You can follow the reports on their blog

Tool Talk

Here's a tool from developmentseed for managing news - it allows an entire organization to track, manage, analyze, and act on news.  A sort of corporate version of Digg meets Bloglines. And, don't forget about newscloud.

Hey Gmail Users - is it a little creepy that gmail is generating ads based on the content of my e-mails asks Michele Martin?  Are you even using gmail?  What do you think?

Sending Happy Birthday emails to Congress ... is that a must-have feature?

Reports from Conferences

Laura Quinn, Idealware, writes about the keynote address from Eben Moglen, lawyer with the Free Software Foundation given at the recent Plone Conference in Seattle.  Also covered by Jon Stahl here.


Occassionally, I've seen job descriptions flow through the NpTechTag stream tagged by Deborah Elizabeth Finn (I think).  And here's an excellent post about using tagging to find a job.

Noticing that two groups of nonprofits are now sharing bookmarks in groups on, including the Museum IP Group and NpTech. I just wish I could find an easier way to send bookmarks to the group.


Usefulgames weaves together old and new material on workshop games and simulations with some nonprofit examples.

Allan Benamer admits he's a gamer and shares a podcast about Village GameSocial Entrepreneur


Some new blogs (well at least to me) including "Philanthro Media: Dialogue for the discerning Donor" and Future Web Net - about the future of The Web from a Non-profit charity perspective.

Stephen Downes raises the question "Is traffic the metric for weblog success?" and suggests that it isn't.   He would prefer to track "impact", but acknowledges how hard it is to track and coins a new term, "thinkership."

And if you're like me - in much need of some quiet down time and like to get yourself organized for the new year, here's a list of some great tips  from the nonprofit operations blog.

Happy Holidays!