NpTech Tag Summary: Best Wishes for A More Social 2008!

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The Net2 Secret Plan from Marnie Webb

NpTech Tag New Year's Reflections, Predictions, and Best Ofs

What are some of the ways that the social web marks the New Year? Let's take a look.

Chronicle of Philanthropy has a roundup of predictions for 2008 from
nonprofit leaders
, including Daniel Ben-Horin, founder of CompuMentor who predicts, "Successful nonprofit players in the social media space will those who understand the opportunity without being seduced by it." Also quoted is Sean Stannard-Stockton, author of the Tactical Philanthropy blog was also quoted and he shares his expanded predictions here, including "Charities recognize the potential of social-media tools and finally get serious about integrated online strategies."

Lucy Bernholz points to an NY Times editorial on embedded giving with a prediction about what will continue to work best with giving to charity. The Selfish Giving Blog by Joe Waters gives us some tongue and check predictions about Cause Marketing.

For social media and technology predictions, here's a few from the Read/Write Web.

I wonder how Jason Zanon at DIA would score those predictions? And speaking of predictions, in December 2006, Jon Stahl predicted that the Web2.0 bubble would burst.

Britt Bravo at NetSquared summarized a community discussion about the "Best of the Nonprofit Social Web." Emily offers her thoughts here. Nedra Weinreich hosted the "Best of Nonprofit Campaigns" carnival of nonprofit consultants. Wendy Harmon gives us a list of her favorite web sites. Some bloggers, like Skelliewag, highlighted the best of best of their blog posts, while CogDog blog took the opposite approach and look at the Top 0 list. And finally, Chris Brogan focused on needs for 2008. What are the nptech social media needs for 2008?

There are also a few who blogged New Year's Resolutions, from not being a bore to being a more robust activist.

As we move into 2008, one last reflection, what are you lessons learned about Nonprofits and Social Media?

NpTech Tag Reflections

Over the course of the last year, I've been in engaged in a monthly real-time voice discussion with colleagues at CpSquared about online communities, specifically tagging communities and the community sits behind the NpTech tag. I came across Jeremiah Owyang's definition of online community -"An online community is: Where a group of people with similar goals or interests connect and exchange information using web tools" and it defines the tagging community.

But over the past few months, I have noticed, like Amy Gahran, that as I've engaged more in using Twitter, I'm connecting with resources and people more on Twitter than with social bookmarking tools. I still bookmark items with the nptech tag and I still monitor the tag stream, but on Twitter I feel more of a connection to the actual person, not just the exchange of information. The main reason I'm still tagging is for retrieval when asked for a resource on and to write this summary.

But, there's something about the instant gratification Twitter provides, that just-in-time byte of information. I am wondering how all relates to the NpTech tag community and what it means. How do we continue to connect and have a conversation facilitated by different social media tools? How to make these summaries more useful to you all? Thoughts, leave them in the comments.

Social Media Conversations

Marnie Webb writes about why nonprofit should stop lecturing and start listening and her experiences from a recent hands-on workshop where nonprofits were taught how to follow what was being said about their causes or organizations on the social web. If you are in a position of teaching this skill to nonprofits, what do you show them? How do you make easy? What is the reaction?

Beth Dunn asks "Do Social Networks mostly promote inclusion or exclusion?" and writes about how to engage more deeply in conversation on Twitter. She says how important it is to be open, transparent, humble, and receptive to comments and criticism is on the social web. What do you think?

On blogs, comments are the conversation. Michele Martin wrote this piece about the six reasons why people aren't commenting on your blog in reaction to a piece by Chris Brogan called "The Power of Comments" where the post was in the comments. I'd add to her list, because you didn't end your post with question. Michele wrote an excellent post summarizing her reader's comments about commenting.

There's a gem of an idea from one of Michele's readers, Sarah Stewart, about writing a statement on your blog about why commenting is important to you.

Katya Andresen has some great advice on building relationships on social networks.

The Frozen PeaFund, a social media campaign to raise money for breast cancer research, is seeking some advice about becoming a nonprofit organization.


Nonprofits will be delving into the world of twitter on January 8th at the Net Tuesday SF Meetup.

Marnie Webb points to hashtags with a note in, "Seems like it could be a way to tweet for causes." Laura Whitehead describes "it as an easy way to track a specific topic or event such as the San
Diego Fires using the Twitter network. This allows for hyper-instant
communication surrounding disaster relief and reporting." Elsua notes "If only Hashtags would be a native feature from Twitter, right? Things would be even much more interesting!"

NetworkforGood has a new learning center called "fundraising123." It is a fundraising guide for the overworked nonprofit. There's lots of great tip sheets on different topics, including Social Networking. Here's a tip sheet on Twitter.

New (to me) Blogs

A Small Change-Fundraising Blog: A blog to answer questions from nonprofits about fundraising

Brenda Zulu from Zambia, a journalist who covers ICT and Development issues.