March 30th is Stop Cyberbullying Day

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Yesterday, I was digusted when I read this post from Kathy Sierra about why she had cancel a speaking engagement. Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying is a real issue, impacting many women (and men) online - not just the high profile a-list bloggers. I'd like to point you over to two good posts that aim to help educate everyone about this serious issue.

Lisa Stone at Blogher has responded to the situation here with a post called "Hating Hate Speech: Safety for Kathy Sierra and All Women Online." In that post, she points to an excellent piece she wrote back in October called "What to do when you're cyberstalked, taunted, or abused online?"

Andy Carvin has taken another approach, declaring this Friday as Stop Cyberbullying Day.

Of course, one day isn't enough to change everything. And there are other days of the year where other people are fighting to raise awareness, like Safe Internet Day. But it's a start. And perhaps we can use some of our energies that day to discuss what we can do to make online safety a topic that we deal with on a regular basis. So I've created an online social network called Stop Cyberbullying using a free tool called Ning. Anyone who joins can post resources and share ideas, including text and video. I'll also use the site to aggregate a stream of what people are doing in support of Stop Cyberbullying Day, assuming people accept my challenge to take action on Friday.

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