A Big Thanks To All Project Champions!

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Here's the list of Project Champions that we've connected with each of the 21 featured projects. The Project Champion's role is to help guide and support the project through the run-up to the Conference and at the Conference itself. Thank to all who volunteered for this important role!

Andrew Hoppin from NASA Ames and MAPLight.org

Susan Mernit from Yahoo and Farmer 2 Farmer Learning


Wendy Harmon from American Red Cross and YouthAssets

Besty Arroyo from Community Technology Alliance and
Big Brothers Big Sisters Agency Information Management (AIM) System

Bill Lester from EngenderHealth and HELP Telemedicine Mobile Medical Clinic Network

David Geilhufe from CivicSpace and Grassroots.org Toolbox

David Sasaki from Global Voices and Yankana.org

Ed Schipul from Tendenci and Open Source Open Standards Video

Julie Hanna-Ferris and Aspiration's Social Source Commons

Katie Laird from Tendenci and Kabissa 2.0: Strengthening the Social Web in Africa

Kevin Brathwaite from Aptivate.org and Addressing Africa's Problems Via Social Web Sites

Kristine Mucher from NPower Michigan with NABUUR

Loretta Donovan from Worksmarts Group with Global Women's Leadership Network

Martha Kurtz from FundingPix with FamilyFarmed.org

Michael Maranda from AFCN/CTCNet Chicago with TakingITGlobal

Rachel Weidinger from Strategy for Social Entrepreneurs with Wiser Earth

Rich Reader from Wixárika Research Center with Stop Family Violence

Sean Stannard-Stockton
from Ensemble Capital Management
with 100 Innovators

Seth Mazow from Interplast with Maps 2.0